Staff Picks

Curated Trending Content Just for You

Ghost Craft's Staff Picks feature brings you a handpicked selection of top trending articles from across the web. Sourced from popular platforms like Google Trends, our team ensures you receive the most relevant and engaging content to inspire your own creations.

How It Works

1. Expert Curation:

  • Our team of content experts monitors various trending platforms, including Google Trends, to identify the most popular and relevant articles.

  • These articles are carefully selected to reflect the latest trends and interests across different industries.

2. Daily Updates:

  • The Staff Picks section is updated daily, providing you with a fresh batch of trending articles.

  • Stay on top of the latest news and trends with content that is always current and engaging.

3. Easy Access:

  • Simply log into your Ghost Craft dashboard to view the latest Staff Picks.

  • Browse through the curated list to find articles that resonate with your audience and can serve as inspiration for your own content.

Benefits of Staff Picks

Stay Ahead of Trends:

  • Access a curated list of trending articles to keep your content strategy aligned with current interests and topics.

  • Ensure your content is always relevant and timely, capturing the attention of your audience.

Save Time:

  • Let our team do the research for you. Instead of spending hours searching for trending content, find it all in one place.

  • Focus on creating high-quality content while we handle the discovery of trending topics.

Boost Engagement:

  • Use the top articles from Staff Picks as a foundation to create engaging content for your audience.

  • Leverage trending topics to drive more traffic and interaction on your website or blog.

Enhance Creativity:

  • Get inspired by the diverse range of articles curated by our experts.

  • Spark new ideas and perspectives by exploring content from various sources and industries.

How to Use Staff Picks

  1. Log into Ghost Craft:

    • Access your Ghost Craft dashboard to view the latest Staff Picks.

  2. Explore Curated Articles:

    • Browse through the list of top trending articles selected by our team.

    • These articles cover a wide range of topics, ensuring there's something for every niche and interest.

  3. Create Your Own Content:

    • Use the curated articles as inspiration to create unique and engaging content for your audience.

    • Rewrite and adapt the articles to fit your brand’s voice and perspective.

  4. Publish and Engage:

    • Publish the newly created content on your website or blog.

    • Keep your audience engaged with fresh, relevant, and timely content sourced from the best trending topics online.

With Ghost Craft's Staff Picks, you can effortlessly stay ahead of the curve with top trending content. Leverage our expertly curated articles to enhance your content strategy and keep your audience engaged and informed.

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