Connecting to WordPress

Ghost Craft + WordPress = Effortless Content Publishing

Ghost Craft allows you to connect to unlimited WordPress sites, enabling you to publish content directly with ease. Follow the steps below to connect Ghost Craft to your WordPress site and start automating your content publishing process.

There are two ways to connect to WordPress:

Connecting Automatically

Connecting automatically is super simple, the connection process opens a new browser window which takes you to your WordPress authorization site to approve our connection. Approving the connection is all you need to do.

Connecting Manually

Although the manual process is a bit more involved, it remains straightforward and simple:

You can either watch this short helpful video or follow the step-by-step guide below.

  1. Create an Application Password

  2. Configure Your Connection in Ghost Craft

Step 1: Create an Application Password

To connect Ghost Craft to your WordPress site, you first need to create an application password. Follow the steps below:

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Log into WordPress

    • Ensure you log in with a user account that has the necessary permissions to create posts. We recommend using an admin account to avoid any permission issues.

    • Note that this user will be the default author for articles published through Ghost Craft. However, all posts will be saved as drafts, allowing you to change the author manually if needed.

  2. Navigate to Your Profile Page

    • Go to your WordPress dashboard.

    • Click on "Users" and then "Profile" to access your profile page.

  3. Scroll Down to the Application Passwords Section

    • Locate the "Application Passwords" section on your profile page.

  4. Create an Application Password for Ghost Craft

    • In the "New Application Password Name" field, type "ghostcraft".

    • Click the "Add New Application Password" button.

  5. Save Your Application Password

    • You will be provided with an application password. Leave this page open, or copy the password to a safe place as you will need it in the next step.

Step 2: Configure Your WordPress Connection in Ghost Craft

  1. Log into Ghost Craft

    • Access your Ghost Craft account.

  2. Open the Configuration Panel

    • Navigate to the settings or configuration section of your Ghost Craft dashboard.

  3. Click "Connect" on One of the WordPress Connections

    • Select "Connect" next to the WordPress option.

  4. Enter Your WordPress Connection Details

    • Domain: Enter your website’s domain (excluding "https://").

    • Username: Enter your WordPress username (this is not the application password name).

    • Application Password: Enter the application password you generated in the previous step.

  5. Test the Connection

    • Click "Connect" to test the connection between Ghost Craft and your WordPress site.

  6. Verify the Connection

    • Ensure that your site shows as connected in Ghost Craft.

Congratulations! You have successfully connected Ghost Craft to your WordPress site. You can now enjoy seamless and automated content publishing directly to your WordPress site.

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