Space Creation

Getting tailored content with Ghost Craft is a straightforward process. Follow these steps to onboard your news website and start receiving relevant, trending content every day.

Step 1: Create a New Space

  1. Log in to Ghost Craft: Begin by logging into your Ghost Craft account.

  2. Create a Space:

    • Navigate to the dashboard and select "Create New Space".

    • A "Space" in Ghost Craft is unique to one website. You can create as many spaces as you need for different websites.

    • Each space contains the unique information Ghost Craft requires to deliver tailored, trending content daily.

  3. Enter Website Details:

    • Input your website URL and other relevant details.

    • This information helps Ghost Craft understand your site's focus and audience.

Step 2: Receive Audience and Keyword Suggestions

  1. Email Notification:

    • Within a few minutes of creating your space, you will receive an email from Ghost Craft.

    • This email will contain suggestions for your target audience and relevant keywords.

  2. Review Suggestions:

    • Navigate to the space configuration page in your Ghost Craft dashboard.

    • Here, you will find the suggested audience and keywords.

Step 3: Approve or Modify Suggestions

  1. Approve Suggestions:

    • Review the suggested audience and keywords.

    • These suggestions are designed to optimize the relevance and impact of your content.

  2. Modify if Necessary:

    • You have the option to adjust the audience and keywords if needed.

    • Tailor these settings to best match your specific needs and goals.

  3. Save Changes:

    • Once you are satisfied with the audience and keyword settings, save your changes.

    • Remember, these keywords will guide Ghost Craft in curating your content feed, but they won't be used unless you approve them.

Step 4: Receive Fresh Content Daily

  1. Daily Content Delivery:

    • With your keywords set and audience defined, Ghost Craft will begin delivering fresh, relevant content to your space every day.

    • This content is tailored to your specified audience and optimized for the keywords you approved.

By following these steps, you'll ensure that Ghost Craft provides you with up-to-date, engaging, and SEO-optimized content tailored specifically to your website and audience. Enjoy the ease and efficiency of automated content creation with Ghost Craft!

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