My Collection

Monitor and Curate Content from Competitor and Niche Websites

Ghost Craft's "My Collection" feature allows you to keep a close eye on other websites, including those in your niche or competitor sites. By leveraging RSS feeds, this feature ensures you get fresh content every day from your selected sources, helping you stay informed and inspired.

How It Works

1. RSS Feed Finder:

  • Simply input the URL of any website, and Ghost Craft will attempt to locate the RSS feed for that site.

  • Alternatively, if you already have the RSS feed URL, you can input it directly.

2. Unlimited Sources:

  • There is no limit to the number of websites you can add to your collection.

  • Monitor as many sources as you need to keep your content strategy robust and diverse.

3. Daily Content Updates:

  • Ghost Craft continuously pulls fresh content from the RSS feeds you have added.

  • Access the latest articles and updates from your selected websites every day.

4. Fine-Tuning Your Content Model:

  • The "My Collection" area helps fine-tune your article writing model.

  • Over time, as you curate and monitor specific sources, Ghost Craft learns and adapts to provide you with more relevant content that matches your preferences and needs.

Benefits of My Collection

Stay Informed:

  • Keep track of competitor and niche websites to stay updated with the latest trends and developments in your industry.

  • Gain insights into what content is performing well and how you can adapt it for your audience.

Curate Relevant Content:

  • Receive a continuous stream of fresh content from your chosen sources.

  • Use this curated content to inspire your own articles and keep your audience engaged with up-to-date information.

Unlimited Customization:

  • Add as many websites and RSS feeds as you like, ensuring a diverse range of content sources.

  • Customize your collection to reflect your specific interests and industry focus.

Enhanced Content Relevance:

  • Fine-tune your article writing model based on the sources you monitor.

  • Over time, Ghost Craft will deliver more relevant and tailored content suggestions, improving the quality of your output.

How to Use My Collection

  1. Log into Ghost Craft:

    • Access your Ghost Craft dashboard to start using the "My Collection" feature.

  2. Add Websites or RSS Feeds:

    • Enter the URL of the website you want to monitor, and Ghost Craft will try to find the RSS feed.

    • Alternatively, input the RSS feed URL directly if you have it.

  3. Explore and Monitor:

    • Once added, Ghost Craft will continuously pull fresh content from these sources.

    • Browse through the latest articles and updates in your collection.

  4. Create and Publish Content:

    • Use the curated content as inspiration to create unique articles for your audience.

    • Publish the new content on your website or blog, ensuring it’s relevant and engaging.

  5. Fine-Tune Your Model:

    • As you monitor specific sources, Ghost Craft learns and adapts.

    • Over time, your article writing model becomes more refined, providing you with more relevant and tailored content suggestions.

With Ghost Craft's "My Collection," you can efficiently monitor and curate content from a wide range of sources. Stay ahead of the competition, keep your audience engaged, and continuously improve your content strategy with ease.

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