Content Clusters

Creating topic clusters with Ghost Craft enhances your website's SEO and provides a comprehensive structure for your content. Follow these steps to create interconnected, thematically related pages, known as clusters.

Step 1: Create a New Cluster

Log in to Ghost Craft: Begin by logging into your Ghost Craft account.

Navigate to Cluster Creation: From your dashboard, select "Create New Cluster."

A "Cluster" in Ghost Craft consists of a pillar page and multiple subpages, all interlinked to cover a broad topic and its subtopics comprehensively.

Step 2: Add Your Keyword and Number of Posts

Enter Keyword: Input the main keyword that represents the overarching topic of your cluster. This keyword will guide the content generation process.

Select Number of Posts: Choose the number of posts you want in your cluster. You can select 1, 5, or 10 subpages. Each subpage will delve into a specific subtopic related to your main keyword.

Automatic Generation: Ghost Craft will automatically generate titles, internal slugs, and reference links for each post in the cluster. This ensures that all pages are interconnected and easy to navigate.

Review Generated Content: Navigate to the cluster configuration page in your Ghost Craft dashboard to review the generated titles, slugs, and reference links.

Step 4: Configure and Edit Cluster Articles

Edit Articles: You have the option to configure and edit each article in the cluster. Tailor the content to match your specific needs and preferences.

Save Changes: Once you are satisfied with the configurations, save your changes. Ensure that each subpage is well-linked to enhance the cluster's effectiveness.

Step 5: Queue Articles for Writing

Initiate Writing: After configuring the articles, press the "Write" button on each one. This will queue the article for writing by Ghost Craft.

Monitor Progress: You can monitor the progress of your articles from the dashboard. Ghost Craft will notify you once the articles are ready.

Step 6: Receive Completed Cluster Content

Review and Publish: Once the articles are written, review the content to ensure it meets your standards. Make any necessary adjustments.

Publish Cluster: Publish your cluster to create a cohesive, SEO-friendly collection of pages that cover your chosen topic comprehensively.

By following these steps, you'll be able to create well-structured, interconnected content clusters that enhance your website's SEO and provide valuable information to your audience. Enjoy the streamlined process of cluster creation with Ghost Craft!

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